3 Incredibly Dumb Lead Generation Mistakes

Remember that episode of The Simpsons where Homer gives Bart a wise advice on life?

 “Kids, you tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is, never try.”


When it comes to online lead generation, I feel like Homer gave people that same advice.

It’s very strange to me that most lead generation campaigns fail, not because people don’t try something new, but that they never learn…. OR try to learn from others.

Sometimes, they’re quite common sense type of stuff.


Here are the THREE that I come across quite a bit.



1) No Sales Team to Follow Up with the Leads


This is probably the costliest and the simplest mistake to avoid.

If your leads are coming in at 9 PM or 3 AM, those people that signed up understand that people at the companies that they’ve requested information/contact from will NOT get back to them until the morning.


If you don’t have a staff after 6 PM or during the weekend to call your leads, why are you spending money and time to generate these leads?

Leads are VERY VERY time sensitive.

Use common sense: If your leads get cold fast, then generate them during the hours you cannot support.

If you do, it’s like covering your ears and someone is telling you “here take my money!”



2) Slow Followup and/or No Lead Nurturing

Same as #1.

Except.. I gotta stress the level of importance in the initial first few contacts.

If your lead/potential customer feels like he/she’s not being attended to, guess what.. LEAD goes stale.


It is absolutely critical that you start your lead nurturing process at THIS phase, such as recorded webinars, video tutorials, white papers, digital downloads. etc.

For example, if you sell solar panels, no one is going to decide to invest in a $15k-50k system because you’ve talked to them ONCE.

No, you have to explain the benefits… let them feel/touch the panels… show simulation of how the panels look on the house.. what their before/after monthly bills look like AFTER they’ve gotten the panels installed, etc…

Lead nurturing is absolutely critical: it’s a way to make your lead feel comfortable about spending the money with YOU instead of your competitor.


If your lead is coming in, make sure to respond ASAP and frequently.


3) Collecting Too Much Information

Ok, this.. i gotta DEFINITELY frown up.

Sometimes I see lead generation forms that contain 20-30 form fields.


When a visitor comes to your website, you have basically 1-2 seconds to persuade that person to do SOMETHING.. otherwise, the person will bounce.

Why? You’re asking too much.

In the mind of the visitor, “WOAH dude.. you’re asking for TOO MUCH TOO FAST.”


If you sell solar panels, do you ABSOLUTELY need to have the type of roof, what kind of utility company they’re using, how fast they need a solar system installed, etc.?

I mean, do you REALLY REALLY need it?

I’m guessing no.

For example, one of our customers (before they partnered with us) had an INSANE form with something like a DOZEN fields.

And guess what… they got practically no leads.

We changed that form to a bare minimum and in 6 months and now the leads are flowing… no, GUSHING.

They’ll be doing about $1.8m in gross sales with the leads we are generating them.



My advice on that is.. what is the BARE minimum you need to get the lead nurture process going?

Stick to bare minimum because it’ll be cheaper and your lead volume WILL go up.




TaeWoo is founder of Solar One Media, a solar lead generation company. With 10+ years of experience in internet marketing, web development, and online advertising, TaeWoo brings his expertise and pioneering spirit to solar lead generation.

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