About Us

We’re a solar lead generation company. Our motto:

Change the world, one solar lead at a time.


We believe that the true heroes of the solar industry are the guys actually talking to the customers, getting on top of the roofs, and installing the panels, not some political pundits. Men and women who take financial and market risk to advance a fledgling industry are the ones that change the world and help solve our national energy crisis.

Our company honors and serves those risk takers: help them do what they do best by us doing what we do best – solar sales lead generation.

If you’re in solar (PV) sales & installation business and need help with your sales lead flow, please give us a call.



Management Team


TaeWoo Kim, El Presidente

TaeWoo Kim, Founder of Solar One Media Billionaire playboy philanthrophist by day, masked vigilante hero by night. He rides into the night, risking his life, fighting the criminals so that rest of us may know peace.

Well, enough about Batman.

TaeWoo is the founder of Solar One Media.

An experienced internet developer and internet marketer, TaeWoo always has been a hippy at heart, trying to save the world.

Seeing the opportunity of solar industry as a solution to world’s rising demand for more energy (and hence solution to world’s dependence on oil which causes all kinds of political problems and wars), TaeWoo¬†started Solar One Media to change the world.. one solar lead at a time.

In fact, he started out in the solar industry knowing what he does best: generating leads for The Solar Company out of Castro Valley, CA.

Here is a shot of TaeWoo with Mark Danenhower, founder, owner, and CEO of The Solar Company, an solar installation company that’s consistently in top 10 solar installation withing California and in the entire US.

(The Solar Company has been awareded Elite Dealer status by one of the largest solar PV manufacturer, SunPower, for being #1 in sales).


TaeWoo decided to take a leap of faith to start his own solar lead generation company.

Why? Simple.

More leads he can generate for other solar companies throughout the nation, the more he’s able to help the world rid itself of addiction for oil.. and hence less political disputes and wars.

Oh, by the way,¬†TaeWoo likes comedy, 90’s music, and chimpanzees.


Peter Zavala, El Capitan

Peter Zavala Peter is online lead generation specialist who’s been in the performance marketing industry since 1992 when internet was just about to get big.

Peter led multi-hundreds-of-million dollar lead generation campaigns for some of the biggest industry players in health insurance, auto insurance, online education, personal finance, and mortgage.

Peter likes nerf guns, kayaking, and cheeseballs.