Avoid Internet Marketers who Came from Selling Used Cars

*Warning: This post has a lot of me ranting & raving, so read at your own discretion.*

Sometimes, I wonder..

What is it about internet that draws out the worst in people?

Is internet the new used car business?

I have customers asking me over and over again…

“I got this email… should I buy XYZ service from these people? I think i need it”

My answer is always the same: If you don’t know what it is, how it works, or better yet, how it can help you, why would you even consider?

The worst thing is… these sales proposals are from totally RANDOM people, some of whom they’ve had ZERO contact with.


Here’s a perfect example that I got one day:

Hi TaeWoo,

Hope you are having a good Friday so far. Wanted to follow up from my VM today regarding some research I’ve done on your Google AdWords Account.

I’ve put together a brief deck highlighting some hindrances and recommendations for your convenience.

If these were trivial I probably would not continue to reach out but the margins for improvement here seem great.

Do you have a few minutes early next week to discuss further?

Best Regards,


SEM Specialist


Not to sound bitter.. but let me highlight that one line again:

If these were trivial I probably would not continue to reach out but the margins for improvement here seem great

Umm.. right.

He’s doing ME a favor.

Of course, I just ignored it.

Then i get this email a couple of days later:


The reason for my continued efforts here is only because of the opportunity I see for your team.

Below are some live, nonproprietary examples, that I can share via email to help put context behind my reaching out.


Google rewards relevant advertisers with a higher QS, meaning lower CPC’s and CPA – here is an example of how you are the most relevant ad being served yet because of poor QS’s and CTR throughout the rest of your account you are barely showing up on the first SERP page.

A very relative search query for your business where an ad should be served.

Honestly, I have a series of similar instances like this across your pieces of ad copy. At the end of the day I’d love to just have a quick discussion about how to better you accounts performance and our unique approach to paid search.

Could you squeeze out a few minutes to discuss in more detail? If nothing else it will provide some insight into what might be going wrong in your account.

I look forward to connecting soon!

Best Regards,


SEM Specialist


Umm… right.

1) This person has ZERO data on what I’m running so how is he saying all these things about poor quality score, relevance, and all this crazy nonsense?

2) No matter what ads you run, your ad will NEVER run 100% of the time. This person managed to show a screenshot of ONE time that the ad didn’t know.

3) As far as ad position goes, that person has NO idea what my COST per lead is for that one specific keyword (if it’s too high, I lowered it.. and hence lower position). So who’s this person to judge my ENTIRE ad campaign based on one ad?

4) Truth and fact of matter is… you do NOT want to be #1 or #2 on search engine results page ad positions because you get the WORST response. For direct response marketing campaigns, you want position #4+ because that’s where the SERIOUS buyers are intentionally looking for deals, as opposed to #1-3 where clickity-happy people click for sake of clicking.


Dear, Mr. SEM specialist.. thanks for your concern, but I would like to introduce you to my monkey:

If someone paid me a dollar for every time i get some idiot looking at my lead generation ads and telling me that we’re not doing something well, i’d probably be a rich man now.

Mr. SEM specialist.. if you are so GREAT at ads, why don’t you create ads to your own company and get customers to come to you instead of cold calling everyone on internet?

Let me guess… it’s because you don’t know how, but yet you want to sell your “knowledge” on performance marketing lead generation.


All I gotta say is…

If you get approached by supposed “search engine specialist” (ESPECIALLY so called SEO experts)  or “social media marketing specialist” via cold call, you really have to wonder if the person is a specialist at all.

If they are, ALWAYS ask for references, proof, or examples of what they’ve done.




TaeWoo is founder of Solar One Media, a solar lead generation company. With 10+ years of experience in internet marketing, web development, and online advertising, TaeWoo brings his expertise and pioneering spirit to solar lead generation.

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