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Is Your Marketing Budget an Expense or an ROI?


Take a look at this cup. Is it half full or half empty? Yeah, ok. I’m not sure I’m not the first one to ask you this question. Let me ask you… does your marketing analysis look more like this or like this   Now, what’s the difference? The top chart labels the marketing budget […]

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Why Online Lead Generation Companies Won’t Take Payoff on Backend


Ok, this is a fairly short post.. For sales organization, lead generation partnership just plain works. Buying leads is much cheaper and faster than generating your own, which has high man-power costs and of course pitfalls.. When people ask me about lead generation, I get asked this a lot Why won’t online lead generation take […]

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Avoid Internet Marketers who Came from Selling Used Cars


*Warning: This post has a lot of me ranting & raving, so read at your own discretion.* Sometimes, I wonder.. What is it about internet that draws out the worst in people? Is internet the new used car business? I have customers asking me over and over again… “I got this email… should I buy […]

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How Lead Scrubbing Can Kill the Goose that Lays the Golden Sales Leads


If I haven’t beaten the point into you by now, online lead generation isn’t very easy if you don’t have the right people. Lots of moving parts… lots of specialty knowledge… and lots of “stuff” in general that you have to master if you don’t want to your cost per lead to skyrocket. But there […]

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5 Assenine Online Lead Generation Tactics


My friend has a 5 year old niece who once told me that her best friend keeps asking stupid questions. My response? Woah girlie.. that’s a harsh statement. There is NO such thing as a stupid question. Only stupid question is the one that’s not asked. But you and I are adults… Are there such […]

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