Avoid Internet Marketers who Came from Selling Used Cars


*Warning: This post has a lot of me ranting & raving, so read at your own discretion.* Sometimes, I wonder.. What is it about internet that draws out the worst in people? Is internet the new used car business? I have customers asking me over and over again… “I got this email… should I buy […]

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Confusing Internet Marketing Terms Demystified (Part 5) – Everyone Gets a Cut


This is Part 5 of the Confusing Internet Marketing Terms Demystified series – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 Internet is awesome. Yes? Fast, convenient, and you have access to any information at the power of your tips. And if you’re a marketer or an advertiser, you have the power to reach anyone, anywhere, at any time. If you […]

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Confusing Internet Marketing Terms Demystified (Part 4) – When 3rd Party is Involved


This is Part 4 of the Confusing Internet Marketing Terms Demystified series – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 Ok, I feel you. This online/internet marketing terms must be spinning your head by now, yes? CPC, CPM, CPL, conversion rate, banner ad optimization, split testing, bounce rate, blah blah… As one of my college professors used to say to […]

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Confusing Internet Marketing Terms Demystified (Part 3) – All about Math


This is Part 3 of the Confusing Internet Marketing Terms Demystified series – Part 1, Part 2 Were you good at math? Me? Of course. I’m Asian. I’m by default awesome at math. Take a look at this problem I had to solve in junior high school: SHAZAM. I got A+ for humor (D- for actual […]

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Confusing Internet Marketing Terms Demystified (Part 2) – Risk vs Reward of CPC vs CPM


This is continuation from Confusing Internet Marketing Terms Demystified (Part 1) CPM – Risk vs Reward So now you have the basics down.. What do you think display advertising networks with HUGE amounts of traffic want to sell you? CPC or CPM? Yes, CPM. Why? With CPC advertising, the risk is on THEM to optimize your […]

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Confusing Internet Marketing Terms Demystified (Part 1) – CPC vs CPM


Ever hear people in medical industry talk to each other at work? If you haven’t, they sound like they’re speaking a different language. Heck, if I get sick and end up in hospital, they might as well diagnose me in Swahili because the jargon is just so damn confusing.     Internet marketing is no […]

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4 Offline Lead Generation Ideas Experienced You Should Exploit


Let’s face it. Online advertising is the greatest thing to happen to lead generation ever since.. umm.. microphone was invented Think about it.. with a simple technology with the microphone, you can now market to multiple people at once. Leverage. That’s what online advertising does: one to many so that you can have a steady […]

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Facebook Lead Generation? Screw FB Ads. Use RTB Instead.


Warning: This post is RATHER technical, so unless you are actively buying advertising media to generate online leads, I suggest skipping this post Ok this is more of a rant and rave than actual how-to, but hear me out. If you’ve ever thought about advertising on Facebook (which by the way, has the worst customer […]

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How to Reduce Your Cost/Lead – Find Out What Else They Like


Do you like saving money? Of course, you do. Making money is just as exciting as saving money. Besides, money coming in is same as money going out, right? Same with online lead generation. While I never advocate that companies try to duplicate the efforts of professional online lead generation companies, if you do, here’s […]

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3 Ninja Tricks to Find Out What Keywords Your Competitors Are Targeting


Let me tell you a little story about “Bob”. Bob is a good hard working man. Being sick and tired of working for a boss of 20 years,  he took a leap of faith, quit his job, and started a little online hat business.   To grow his business, he started doing online marketing but had […]

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