Direct Response

How Lead Scrubbing Can Kill the Goose that Lays the Golden Sales Leads


If I haven’t beaten the point into you by now, online lead generation isn’t very easy if you don’t have the right people. Lots of moving parts… lots of specialty knowledge… and lots of “stuff” in general that you have to master if you don’t want to your cost per lead to skyrocket. But there […]

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Facebook Lead Generation? Screw FB Ads. Use RTB Instead.


Warning: This post is RATHER technical, so unless you are actively buying advertising media to generate online leads, I suggest skipping this post Ok this is more of a rant and rave than actual how-to, but hear me out. If you’ve ever thought about advertising on Facebook (which by the way, has the worst customer […]

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6 Online Lead Generation Mistakes You Should Avoid Like the Black Plague


Let me start with a little story. When I first lead generation business for the solar industry, I heard so much cool things about what was going on that I expected a bunch of cool stuff. Maybe i’m a total sucker for new technologies. (And what better technology than something that’s going to reduce your […]

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Your Unique Selling Proposition Sucks


Let me ask you a question. If you ran NASA and were in charge of launching some crazy high tech device MILLIONS of miles away at cost of BAZILLIONS of dollars, would you double check everything? I don’t know about you… but I would. Let me introduce you to the Mars Climate Orbiter which, instead […]

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