How Lead Generation is Just Like Online Dating


Are you single? If you are (like me), you probably know that now pretty much everyone these days uses a dating website. And having been in solar lead generation for a while now… AND having seen sales process in various companies for some time now, I noticed something. Lead generation/nuturing and sales is JUST like […]

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REAL life lesson learned from using retargeting to generate leads: FREE CONVERSIONS


Were you a cool guy in high school? Me? I wasn’t. I was just a wall flower. I blended in with the rest of the crowd. A nerdy fat Asian kid. Probably like every other social awkward teenager, I wasn’t very fond of conforming because I thought social conformity was a sign of mental weakness. […]

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How to Test Your Adwords Campaign


I get a lot of people asking me how to structure a PPC campaign.. or how to do landing page.. or how to split test.. or how to optimize their bidding strategy.. The list goes on and on. And my response? “TEST IT OUT.” I’m not sure if this person who designed the PPC campaign […]

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