3 Steps to Following Up with Your Leads Using Email


Do you know what the biggest challenge to a BRAND spankin’ new technology industry (like solar) is? Nope, not competition. Contrary to what most people think, it’s MOMENTUM. Why? Simple: human have this thing called a lizard brain. So what exactly is the lizard brain? FEAR In another words, when the lizard brain sees something […]

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Your Lead Not Converting? Here’s How You Can Get Them To Buy


Are you in sales? Of course, we ALL are. Either you sell things (product or service)… which makes you a salesman, a marketer, and/or an entrepreneur… Or you sell time (which means you work for an organization that sells products or services).   And what is the WORST thing your “lead” can say to you? […]

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How Lead Generation is Just Like Online Dating


Are you single? If you are (like me), you probably know that now pretty much everyone these days uses a dating website. And having been in solar lead generation for a while now… AND having seen sales process in various companies for some time now, I noticed something. Lead generation/nuturing and sales is JUST like […]

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