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Social Media Lead Generation? Why Yes, Go Ahead and Scream into a Vacuum


Ever roll your eyes so far back that you can actually feel your eye hitting the back of your skull? Me neither. But you know what I’m talking about, right? Someone claims to be a “professional” yet say something so amateur’ish that it makes you roll your eyes. Every time I hear some online marketer […]

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Excuse Me, Social Media Marketing is Lead Nurturing, NOT Lead Generation.


Have you heard? The “new” thing now in the world of internet marketing is this thing called “social media marketing”. Unless you live with your head in the ground, you’ve heard of them… Facebook, Twitter, Youtube… If you read a lot of blogs on lead generation and online marketing, you’ll notice a lot of people […]

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Online Lead Generation 101 – Demand Generation vs. Demand Fulfillment


Do you know how much Google made during the 12 months trailing 2nd quarter of 2012? $43 BILLION dollars. How about did Facebook make? $4.3 billion dollars. About 10% of what Google made. So one might conclude, does Google have 10 times Facebook’s traffic? Nope. They have about the same: So what the HECK happened. […]

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