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ROI Case Study – Lead Costs Comparison/ROI by Industry


  So as a single guy, I’ve been going on a lot of dates. And one thing that annoys me the most is when women compare me to their past boyfriends. Of course, we ALL do it.. some more than others.. and some more consciously than others. But it makes sense.. we, as human beings, […]

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Solar Thanksgiving for Sandy Battered New York


Thanksgiving is awesome. Unless your city was battered by a hurricane and homes are without power. Need help? Forget Superman.. call Solarman instead: Truly, a time to be thankful. Happy gobble day everyone! Google+

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The Death of Your Solar Company: No Leads


In college, I was (and still am) a geek. A geek who majored in math and computer science. (That’s not me.) I had ZERO interest in business.. and good lord, the LAST thing in my mind was in actually building one.   But I do remember accidentally going into some kind of business class on […]

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Solar People: Never Apologize for What You Do


I admit it. I’m a victim too. Victim of finding the everyday work sort of mundane and boring sometimes. I find myself daydreaming from time to time about going to go conquer the Mt. Kilimanjaro hike… or to the vast wilderness of the Amazon jungle and getting lost… or saving the starving orphans in ┬áNorth […]

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Why I Got Into Generating Leads for the Solar Industry


Let me ask you… what was your childhood superhero? Batman? Superman? Not me. My superhero was this character named Goku in this Japanese comic book. Cute little monkey dude with superhuman strengh… he even shoots fireballs out of his hands. Then when I got slightly older (i.e. junior high school), I realized the chance of […]

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