Frequently Asked Questions

1. How are your leads generated?

All our leads are 100% online.

We use combination of

  • search engine marketing (Google, Bing, Yahoo, 7Search, DogPile, AltaVista, etc.)
  • social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • real time bidding / media buying / display advertising (banner ads you see on websites)

We never spam, and all our traffic is paid for.

We do NOT do

  • canvassing
  • TV/radio/news/print media
  • outbound cold calls

2. What kind of information will I receive?

Name, number, email, and monthly electricity usage.

We can do create custom forms to collect information but we often discourage that because

  • longer form length will drive up your cost per lead
  • you want the BARE minimum to get the conversion started


3. Who do you target / What is your target demographics?

For search, we target those looking for residential solar PV, but “attempt” to exclude

  1. renters
  2. non-residential solar, like RV solar, cooking solar, solar powered X (i.e. car, cell phone, etc.)
  3. solar thermal

For non-search traffic, we target primarily people 40+. We’ve noticed that demographics tend to be most likely candidates for solar.

(Reason for “attempt” is that while search engines like Google & Bing are smart, they can’t tell EXACTLY if the searcher is a renter vs. owner, if they’re talking about commercial or residential solar, or what they mean when they enter “solar” into the search box.)


4. How many leads will I receive?

It depends on

  • your ad budget
  • your target area (larger the area, the more you can target)
  • how “aggressive” you want to get with your ad budget


5. How much budget (per month) do I need?

It all depends on how many leads you want per month.

For example, if you are looking for 30 leads a month.. you can basically set aside $X lead per month (see point #11 for why this is “X”) so a good budget of $2k to $10k (for more aggressive) to start with.


6. How much will I pay per lead?

Great question. Simple answer: we cannot say for certain. Here’s why:

– your company’s online branding really really matters (which is why we always recommend that companies blog.. a lot)
– your current brand advertising campaign (like TV, radio)
– the PPC bid market: there are other solar companies bidding for spots on Google (obviously you have zero control over this)

You’ll notice that cost per lead starts off high, then once the campaign gets optimized, your cost per lead will eventually drop, sometimes as much as 50-80%.

Once  your account gets a “good” status (which isn’t really a public information) with the search engines, they will give you more and more better quality traffic and you’ll noticed cost per lead dropping and stabilizing after 5-6 months of running traffic.

But the key is to KEEP the traffic running. Don’t freak out the first month because that’s the “data-collection” month to see what’ working and what’s not.


7.  Will I receive only “qualified” leads?

You get EVERYTHING that is collected through your campaign. It is up to you to qualify them.


8. Are the leads incentivized?

Nope. Never had been and never will be.



9. Do you use co-registration?

Nope. Never have. Never will.


10. How do I know you won’t take our campaign and apply it to your other customers’ campaigns?

We  maintain 110% privacy with each and every one of our customer’s campaigns.

We make sure that each and every campaign we start for our customers maintain absolute separation.

We may apply ideas of performance marketing & direct response copywrting across the board, but there is no “cross”  pollinating with regards to winning combinations of keywords, display ads, landing pages, copy writing, time, demographics, patterns & trends, etc.


11. Why do you need a separate subdomain that’s pointed to your server?

For two main reasons:


A) Slow server = higher cost per click

If your server is slow, ad networks punish you with higher traffic costs.

For example, quality score in Google AdWords takes into account server ping time as one of the MAJOR factors.

Why? Simple.

If your server is slow, the visitor that clicked on your ad is being “trained” to think that clicking on ads is a BAD experience.

If they have a bad experience with an ad, they are being “trained” to think that online ads aren’t worth clicking.. and ad networks lose money.

So if your server is fast, then the ad network rewards you with better ad rankings.


B) We constantly add, delete, edit, and modify the content on your ad campaign creatives.

The last thing we want to do is email/call you every time we need to change.

If we control the servers ourselves, we can modify them at will and react to any immediate situations that need to be dealt with.


12. How do I this subdomain thing?

Create a domain called “” and have it pointed our server IP address as it is emailed to you.

So for example, suppose your domain is “”.

You will need to create a domain in your DNS an “A/AAAA” record called “lp” with the IP address that is emailed to you.

After about 10-15 minutes, “” will point to one of our servers.


13. How do I get started?


Click here:

(Updated: 11-26-2013)