Fully Managed PPC Management Service

Sick of paying for leads?

Sick of getting leads where 100 other people have already called?

Sick of dealing with unreliable lead providers?

Sick of receiving leads that do NOT meet your qualifications?


…. INSTEAD, Why not OWN your sales Lead Generation Source and Cut out the Middle Man?


Partner with Solar One Media and we help you develop your OWN online lead generation, all the way from A-Z.
What do you get?
Your VERY own Google AdWords campaign – have your website appear on first page of Google.

Your VERY own Bing/Yahoo campaign – have your website appear on first page of Bing/Yahoo.

Your VERY own branded landing page with YOUR company information – no GENERIC information.

– World class direct response marketing team watching over every aspect of your campaign to drive your cost per lead WAY down

– Top notch search engine marketers, PPC specialists, media buy ninjas, conversion rate optimizers, and media buying team to explode your online presence.

Lead nurturing system to help you convert your leads into sales

– Full access to your advertising accounts and complete transparency into your costs

– Extensive customer support: We know this is new to you so we want to hold your hand so you know exactly what is going on.


In fact, we’ll be driving traffic to YOUR website, not ours.

Everything runs on your website domain, with YOUR content/pictures/videos, and with YOUR face/company information.

We just manage them for a monthly service fee. No hype, no over-promise / under delivery, no nada.



Why would you want Solar One Media to manage your online lead generation?


1) We know lead generation

– Past year and a half, we spent over $400k in online advertising spending

– Our team, collectively, has over 30 man-years of experience in performance marketing and online lead generation

So you can rest assure, we know our stuff. (This is all we do!)

We can help you (or any solar companies) this way because we are not bound by our exclusivity.

We would be managing & optimizing your companies online advertising spending like we were already doing with our own budget.

We can remain impartial while providing our customers our experience as guide.


2) We have the experience

In 2012, at peak, we were running a fully managed lead generation service for a SunPower dealer in Northern California.

We were generating over 60 leads a week.

All online – no canvassing, no radio, no TV. Purely online.

And results?

For leads generated in first half of the that year, our client achieved $1.8 MILLION in sales.


3) Hiring lead generation specialists are REALLY expensive

If you want to have a professional lead generation team (other than canvassing), it can cost you anywhere between $500k to $800k per YEAR. (read about it here)

Yes, it’s quite painful a cost to bear, because Solar One Media has this team.

So instead of hiring your own team and trying to figure it out yourself, why not “lease” our team?

You’ll be light years of ahead because this is ALL we do.



So what is the difference between this and our traditional lead generation service?

We are being hired on retainer to improve YOUR sales lead generating machine, not ours.

What’s the catch? None.

Whether we help you generate 1 lead per month or 10,000 leads per month, our costs do not change.

Solar One Media takes your advertising budget and apply our lead generation magic to get the biggest bang for the buck.

The same stuff we’ve been doing for ourselves will be used to make YOUR lead generation machine work.
How much does this cost?


All month to month, no long term contracts.

[price_table id=2051]


Here’s a breakdown of the details




 Basic  Professional  Enterprise
Branded advertising campaigns
 Landing pages – PLR or custom      
 Toll free 800 number      
 Complete financial transparency on ad spend      
 Access to advertising accounts      
 viral loop lead generation    
 Lead generation – Search engine marketing
 Lead generation – display advertising
(B2B targeting)
 Lead generation – Retargeting
 Campaign optimization
 keyword bid adjustments  As needed  As needed  As needed
 negative keyword filtration  Weekly  Weekly  Weekly
 A/B testing  Monthly  Monthly  Monthly
 ad copy writing  As needed  As needed  As needed
 landing page optimization  As needed  As needed  As needed
 Lead Nurturing
 email auto responder sequence  
 email content – PLR or custom  
 Email  Unlimited  Unlimited  Unlimited
 Phone  3 hrs/mo.  6 hrs/mo.
 In-Person  2 hrs/mo.



1.”PLR” content – “Private label rights” material that can be used across the web without any copyright issues. If you wish to use your company’s own branded content, please make sure to tell your customer support representative. And we HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend that you use your own content as this will help you INCREASE your sales conversion rate.

2. The costs above do NOT include the advertising costs that you will be incurring from your advertising costs from advertising sources, including but not limited to, Google, Yahoo/Bing/Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, SiteScout, and other online advertising networks and traffic sources. You will be incurred separate charges on your credit card for these.