REAL life lesson learned from using retargeting to generate leads: FREE CONVERSIONS

Were you a cool guy in high school?

Me? I wasn’t.

I was just a wall flower. I blended in with the rest of the crowd.

A nerdy fat Asian kid.

Probably like every other social awkward teenager, I wasn’t very fond of conforming because I thought social conformity was a sign of mental weakness.

Fast forward YEARS… ¬†and now instead of people telling me what to listen to, how to dress, who to be friends with… now I get people telling me what I should try as far as online lead generation goes.


“Remarketing is the new black”

… says one of these search engine gurus…

In another words, I should try it because it’s the cool new thing.

My first reaction? MEH…

But, since I’ve gotten older, i’m beginning to realize, going against the crowd for the sake of being “unique” doesn’t really serve me.

So I gave it a try.. and SHAZAM…. IT FREAKIN’ WORKS!

What i mean by, “it works”?


Retargeting Actually Converts

Holy crapola.

It works like charm.



OK, let me rephrase.

This doesn’t mean that retargeting traffic is FREE.

This means that retargeting the people who have visited your website will see your ad again, and eventually take action after some period of time.

BUT… not necessarily by clicking on that ad, which takes them to your specified landing page.


What this means is that, if you have goal tracking setup in Google analytics, people will probably bounce around on your website here and there.. BECAUSE they saw your retargeted ads. (The reason why the report above shows 0 clicks on the re-targeting campaign is that the user probably google’d for the site URL… )

Then he/she eventually took the action necessary to trigger a goal… and hence “view-through conversion” (which occurs only on the display network).

Sweet, ain’t it?

Retargeting caused the user to “search” for that campaign offer.


Lesson Learned

Duh – Use retargeting!



PS: Ok, I might not have been the cool guy in high school. I wish I can only go back in time and sing like this guy:





TaeWoo is founder of Solar One Media, a solar lead generation company. With 10+ years of experience in internet marketing, web development, and online advertising, TaeWoo brings his expertise and pioneering spirit to solar lead generation.

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