Solar People: Never Apologize for What You Do

I admit it.

I’m a victim too.

Victim of finding the everyday work sort of mundane and boring sometimes.

I find myself daydreaming from time to time about going to go conquer the Mt. Kilimanjaro hike… or to the vast wilderness of the Amazon jungle and getting lost… or saving the starving orphans in  North Korea (which, I believe, is one of my destinies in life… but first must conquer myself by conquering the business world).

I gotta change the world

… or something like that.

Sure, no matter how passionate we maybe about what we do, sometimes our mind drifts off from our every day journey.

I think I lack the frame of reference when I’m so focused in what I do.

When I do, I’ll take the day off and go hiking with my dog at Mission Peak in Fremont

When I’m at the top of the mountain, I can see everything… and I totally remember why I’m doing this business stuff..


Sometimes You Need a New Perspective

Do you know what the top engineers are doing in Silicon Valley these days?

Making a new search engine to make information finding easier?


Working on a cure for cancer?


Developing the next technology that’s going to life humanity of wars, poverty, and strife?



They’re making GAMES.

I’m sure you’ve seen these games on Facebook.

People wasting countless hours building virtual farms,virtual cities, and even virtual relationships

What’s worse?

People are spending money buying virtual items to enhance their virtual life.


Of course, the makers of the game say they’re “producing value” with a new form of entertainment.


Create addiction then feed them the solution.

The truth? Internet games are digital nicotine.

Are people benefitting from these games?

Perhaps. (If you think I’m wrong, feel free to start a blog war.)

But I know this: the only way a business can sustain long term is to create win-win situation… but with these game companies, I personally feel like they’re producing win-lose proposition.

Only way they win is by the customers losing (their money).


Win-Win: The ONLY Way to Win

I personally got into solar lead generation because I felt solar was a new (commercially and cost efficient) technology was going to take the humanity into the next stage of nirvana.

Instead of killing each other in war fields for the little supply of oil we have, why not tap into the abundant (and forever free) source of energy?

It’s almost divine – something that God wants us to have.


What’s great about solar is that it TRULY is a win win.

The solar people get to have viable, financially healthy ventures, and the customers get to save money… AND the environment gets cleaner.

Solar people, no matter what other may say.. no matter what critics say about you, you guys ARE changing the world.

Sure, it may not be like in a Hollywood movie, where changes occur in seconds… but for every solar panel that goes on top of a roof, we as society are making baby steps to that day when we no longer have to fight over oil… when we no longer have to send our fathers, our sons, our brothers, our friends, and our neighbors into wars that we do not believe in….  when our children can breathe comfortably because we didn’t spew deadly gases all over from our coal based power generators.


You solar people aren’t making digital nicotine for sake of making your wallets fatter.

You solar people are changing the world by making it greener and safer.

(And I am proud that I’m helping  you guys get there with 1 solar lead at a time.)


So NEVER ever apologize for what you do.

No matter how many your potential customers give you grief… no matter how many times you get the door slammed in your face.. no matter what politicians may do .. no matter what the critics and the naysayers about the industry, YOUR effort is helping humanity no matter how small you think your role may be.

I’m no tree hugging groupie nor am I a hard core environmentalist, but I can tell when I see something good.

I, for one, honor each and everyone of you as my personal hero.

Thanks for reading my rant.

God bless.




TaeWoo is founder of Solar One Media, a solar lead generation company. With 10+ years of experience in internet marketing, web development, and online advertising, TaeWoo brings his expertise and pioneering spirit to solar lead generation.

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