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How Lead Scrubbing Can Kill the Goose that Lays the Golden Sales Leads


If I haven’t beaten the point into you by now, online lead generation isn’t very easy if you don’t have the right people. Lots of moving parts… lots of specialty knowledge… and lots of “stuff” in general that you have to master if you don’t want to your cost per lead to skyrocket. But there […]

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Confusing Internet Marketing Terms Demystified (Part 5) – Everyone Gets a Cut


This is Part 5 of the Confusing Internet Marketing Terms Demystified series – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 Internet is awesome. Yes? Fast, convenient, and you have access to any information at the power of your tips. And if you’re a marketer or an advertiser, you have the power to reach anyone, anywhere, at any time. If you […]

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4 Simple Ways to Get Screwed Working with Affiliate Networks


Have you ever watched GI Joe? I used to. A lot. In fact, now that I’m a grown up and I revisit some of these old GI Joe episodes, I got to thinking.. “holy crap, this is super violent”. If I were a father, would I let my kids watch this? hmm.. doubtful. But they […]

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