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Confusing Internet Marketing Terms Demystified (Part 3) – All about Math


This is Part 3 of the Confusing Internet Marketing Terms Demystified series – Part 1, Part 2 Were you good at math? Me? Of course. I’m Asian. I’m by default awesome at math. Take a look at this problem I had to solve in junior high school: SHAZAM. I got A+ for humor (D- for actual […]

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7 Reasons Why Your Cost Per Lead Fluctuates (No, Yoda Can’t Help You)


Do you measure your ROI on the leads you bought  or generated? If yes, go do the dance of joy: If not, go slap yourself silly and read this blog post about WHY you need to measure your lead generation ROI. But… (there’s always a but…) Even if you do, do you measure your cost per […]

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Your Lead Not Converting? Here’s How You Can Get Them To Buy


Are you in sales? Of course, we ALL are. Either you sell things (product or service)… which makes you a salesman, a marketer, and/or an entrepreneur… Or you sell time (which means you work for an organization that sells products or services).   And what is the WORST thing your “lead” can say to you? […]

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