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4 Offline Lead Generation Ideas Experienced You Should Exploit


Let’s face it. Online advertising is the greatest thing to happen to lead generation ever since.. umm.. microphone was invented Think about it.. with a simple technology with the microphone, you can now market to multiple people at once. Leverage. That’s what online advertising does: one to many so that you can have a steady […]

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How NOT to Generate Leads – Daily Deal Sites


Do you get those daily deal emails? You know what i’m talking ¬†about… “50% off massage”… “80% off spa” …. “90% off magical tooth extraction from IRS agent”.. For every daily deal site that goes under, there’s probably 50-100 popping up all over the country. And these guys are spending insane amount of money on […]

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Top 11 Online Event Sites to Get More Leads Offline


Shhh… Here’s a secret… OFFLINE is WAY “better” than online as far as getting leads. What i mean by “better” is PERSUASION (not scale, of course…) Have you ever bought a brand spankin’ new car from some pretty picture of a car online? Probably not. In fact, if you sell high price items like cars, […]

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