The Death of Your Solar Company: No Leads

In college, I was (and still am) a geek.

A geek who majored in math and computer science.

(That’s not me.)

I had ZERO interest in business.. and good lord, the LAST thing in my mind was in actually building one.


But I do remember accidentally going into some kind of business class on day 1 of my junior year.. and by the time I realized I was in the wrong class, it was too late to bail.

<sarcasm>Of course, like any fun college class that we all remember, I had a  blast being there.</sarcasm>



But I actually woke up in the end.. and actually paid attention in the last few minutes of the class.

I remember the professor ending the class with:

“Remember, the most important thing in any business is the VISION!”

I was actually kinda touched.

It was almost like a Tony Robbins moment.

“Amazing”, I thought.


…. till I grew older and (hopefully wiser).

I learned the most important thing in business: the SALE!

Fact and truth of life: NO SALE = NO MONEY = NO BUSINESS.


 No Leads = No Business

If you are in sales heavy organization like most solar panel (installation) companies, bottom line: YOU NEED LEADS.

(Particularly, you need LEADS who have intent to purchase.)


Let me speak particularly to solar companies because we deal a lot with them….

Listen up.

Here are two reasons why you gotta get your sh*t together and get more leads NOW.


1) Solar Industry is Going Gangbusters

According to SunRun, California is seeing 80% growth in 2012 ALONE.

Yes, solar industry is the new “Internet” as far as growth goes.

That means this is the time to grab your marketshare in your area before someone ELSE does.

Ever meet a greedy fat guy at a buffet who eats EVERYONE’s food and doesn’t share?

Unfortunately, we live in the world of 90/10 where 90% of the wealth is controlled by 10% of the people.

If you want to be the 10% that owns the 90%, NOW is the time to act and get into the land grab before the market gets saturated and there is hardly any room for growth.



2) Solar Industry will Eventually Mature

There are three effects when a market is saturated.


1 – There are WAY too many players

2 – People compete on margins and companies become commoditized

3 – Cost/lead goes up:


Why is this so?

Simple: Sales leads are like gasoline.

Prices of commodities, like shampoo, detergent, etc., DROP as you buy in bulk because the supply is practically infinite.

Prices of “customers” are like gasoline prices… the more you buy, the less of them there are. (How many solar panel systems can people buy in their life time?)

(If you want a detailed description, you can read it here.)


In another words, NOW is the time because the solar industry is relatively EARLY in its maturation stage because your cost/lead relative to your net margin is relatively now.

Of course, as a solar lead generation company, we’d like to charge as much as we can per lead… but guess what, we also realize without our customer making an ROI on their solar leads,  we wouldn’t have a business.

Yes, we WANT you to make a ton of money so you’ll work with us.

Like I said, NOW is the time to take action and have your lead flow going into your company.




TaeWoo is founder of Solar One Media, a solar lead generation company. With 10+ years of experience in internet marketing, web development, and online advertising, TaeWoo brings his expertise and pioneering spirit to solar lead generation.

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