Top 10 Mistakes Lead Buyers Make – Part 2

This is continuation from Top 10 Mistakes Lead Buyers Make – Part 1

6) Inconsistent Marketing Message

Let me tell you a little story.

Whenever I visit New York City, I always stop by this ramen place in Times Square.

On one of the corners where insane number of visitors are hustling and bustling every hour of the day, there used to be this guy that stands there with a sign that says “Meet Hot Girls”.

Of course, what guy doesn’t want to meet hot girls?

But when you approach him, he’s actually advertising his men’s suit store.

His reasoning? If you look good, you get to meet hot girls.


Does it work? Who knows, but I doubt it… becasuse

1) I never seen him A/B test his message

2) The store is gone


What’s wrong with this method? Inconsistent marketing message.

I see plenty of solar panel installation companies’ websites where they say one thing.. but when you hear their sales pitch, it’s not what they originally promised on the website.

You GOT to have consistent marketing message. Don’t try and “fool” your customers into starting a conversation.

NO ONE (including you) likes bait-and-switch.

Likewise, if you’re buying leads or doing your own lead generation, make sure your marketing message is consistent.. all the way from the actual ad, to the landing page, to the actual phone call, to the actual closing.



7) Slow or No Follow Up with the Leads

“Early bird gets the worm.”

Bottom line: those that follow up with a lead quickly will get the sale.


I’ve had plenty of clients where they literally wait WEEKS for them to make a followup phone call.

Umm.. HELLO? Your customer is ASKING you to call them. As a lead generation company, I did the hard work FOR YOU of getting those who’s interested.

All you have to do is pick up and make the initial contact.


Leads will get cold if you wait too long.



8) Straight up false advertising

Let’s face it.

Concept of buying solar panels won’t really go viral… unless of course, (being that most most solar customers are mid aged men..) you attach a pair of boobs with every solar installation.

In another words, you probably WILL have to advertise your solar business.


Now, if you’re doing display advertising (i.e. pictures AND words, not just words, as in search engine marketing/paid per click), you will pictures that entice the potential customer to click.

This is where it can get really gray really fast.

Get in the mindset of a middle aged man: would you rather click on a picture of a hot girl or a picture of solar panels?


I’ve actually seen solar advertisers that blatantly use images of sex and violence to entice the user to click on their solar panel promo ad.

Result? Misleading ad.

You not only misled the user, you just wasted $X on that click… not to mention the user’s time that he/she will never get back.


Be interesting with your ad, but don’t mislead them.

(Remember, you want CONSISTENT marketing message… including the ad).




9) Not Measuring Lead Quality


Lead generation, like ANYTHING in life, can be measured and improved.

Not all leads are of the same quality.

Leads from certain ad sources will produce more sales.

Leads with certain types of information will produce more sales.

Leads with certain customer demographic will produce more sales.


Bottom line, if you can test it and measure it, you can improve it.

For example, it is a WELL known fact that leads that come in through search engine marketing will (in general) produce higher quality customers than non-search engine sources.

So why not measure

  1. where the leads are coming from
  2. where your sales are coming from
  3. what your customers “look” like
This way, you can fine tune your ad sources, your marketing message, and of course, WHAT to ask of them.
Here at Solar One Media, we are running at LEAST about 200 ad sources at any given point in time.. not to mention a couple of hundred variations of marketing message.
If you are buying leads, it is crucial that you work with your lead generation company to give them feedback and what’s working and what’s NOT working.


10) Trying to Do Lead Generation Yourself

Internet marketing is freakin’ HARD.

Lead generation is no exception.


Do you understand the internet marketing lingo?

Have you ever ran internet ads?

Do you understand SEM, SEO, PPC, ad exchanges, RTBs, landing page optimization, conversation rate optimization, APIs, programming, etc. etc.?

If you’re a company with limited resources, trying to do your own lead generation is like doing your own brain surgery.

Sure, you can do it. But will you wake up after the surgery?

And if you pay for cheap leads, that’s like going to Walmart for brain surgery.

Sure, they’ll take your money. But will you get Walmart quality leads?



We’ve been doing online marketing/lead generation for over a decade… and we can move about 100x faster than most companies’ internal marketing team can, because this is ALL we do.

Why not partner with a company that specializes in lead generation?

(If you’re trying to do your own lead generation, take a lo0k at the lead generation cost comparison)


Do what your company is good at.

Let lead generation company like Solar One Media help you with what it’s good at.




TaeWoo is founder of Solar One Media, a solar lead generation company. With 10+ years of experience in internet marketing, web development, and online advertising, TaeWoo brings his expertise and pioneering spirit to solar lead generation.

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