Top 4 Reason to Why Your Online Solar Lead Generation Isn’t Working

Let’s face it.

Solar industry isn’t going to go viral anytime soon like online dating or social networking.

That means one thing: You have to promote your business the good ol’ way: marketing.


If you are doing online lead generation, you might find it’d no walk in the park.

Whenever a sales-heavy company approaches me asking me how I can best serve their needs, I highly recommend partnering with a lead generation company like Solar One Media because compared to generating your own leads, paying for leads can be much faster and cheaper.


But if you are doing your own lead generation, here are some very common mistakes I see people making


1) Driving traffic to homepage

More often than not, most companies provide more than just ONE product or service.

Suppose your company provides solar panel installation, both in lease AND in straight purchase.

Remember, if I’m looking for information on solar LEASE and I come to your site, I better be seeing information about…. yes, a dog trying to fetch a frisbee but instead hitting a tree head on..

(Oops. Sorry, that picture above got me off track.)


No… I better be seeing information about solar panel lease installation!

Doesn’t it make sense? The information has to MATCH what they were looking for.

Imagine, driving on the freeway and you follow the signs to a city you want to go, only to find out that you ended up in a gas station where they’re trying to sell you overpriced gas.

(You laugh, but this actually happened to me in a small city in Colorado.)


Likewise, if you are driving (paid) traffic to your site, make sure it’s the RIGHT part of the site where the relevant information is displayed to the potential customer, NOT to your homepage because more often than not, you are talking about your company on the front page.





2) Not split testing your message


Do you know what’s going in your website visitor’s mind?

Unless your a mind reader, most likely not:



If you had a store and wanted to know what people were looking at and where they were moving to, you could probably figure out what to sell, where to sell it, and how much of it to buy ahead of time so you can sell a lot of it.

In another words, you want to be able to know what WORKS the best with testing so that you can have MAXIMUM number of leads coming in.


So how do you do this?



You must TEST variations of your message by showing variations of your message to different people.


If you test which message (which includes headline, image, list of benefits, call-to-action, form fields, color, design, etc etc.) works, then you can say with mathematical certainty that one messages works better than the other.

If you do not, you’re basically flying blind.




3) Going for pretty, not what works

Do you like dogs?

I do.

I like them all… small, big, ugly, cute, fat, skinny…

Unfortunately, most people like small, fury, yappy, lap dogs these days, even if bigger dogs can do stuff things most small dogs can’t really do, like guard your family, herd farm animals (if you have farm animals… or kids), while providing loyal companionship.


And unfortunately, that’s how most people think about their websites: pretty colors, whiz-bang widgets, and totally unrelated crap like stock ticker symbols and news.

As my high school math teacher used to say, “who gives a shit?”


If you’re in industry where you sell priced ticket items like solar panels, 401k plans, or continuing education courses, your sale will occur offline because there’s no way someone is going to decide to spend 20-100k online.

In another words, for websites in those industries, your website has one job and one job alone: get people to call you OR give you their info (and hence lead generation)

Your website should give relevant information, answer the questions, and get people to act so that they’ll call you.


Let me rephrase: focus on what WORKS so that you can maximize your lead generation capability… NOT on pleasing your company’s CEO or what your competitor thinks about you.


4) Buying the WRONG traffic


Suppose you sell women’s shoes.

Would you stand in front of a large crowd of men and scream “WOMEN’S SHOES FOR SALE!”?

(If you do, you must either be Al Bundy… or must’ve eaten peeling wall paint chips when you were a child.)

No, you stand in front of a large crowd of WOMEN and scream what you go to offer.


Lead generation and online marketing in general is no different.

You want to be standing in front of the RIGHT people who’s going to CARE about what you have to offer, otherwise, you are just throwing money down the toilet (or at least, the ad network’s CEO’s pocket).

This means you have to understand where your target demographics live: where are they hanging out, what they are reading/watching/listening, and most importantly.. how can you access some of that.


For example, did you know that people who are interested in solar panels are quite often interested in home & garden, house painting & finishing, and muscle cars?

Why? Who knows.

Your job isn’t to figure out why, it’s to figure out what, and use it.


I have seen solar panel ads on bunch of irrelevant sites, like social networks for teenagers, game sites, and celebrity gossip sites… none of which are heavily dominated by people who’d be interested in solar.

(For those of you in advertising industry who’re thinking “retargeting”… I clear my cookies daily, for competitive intelligence purposes.)

Of course, ad networks aren’t really losing from you doing this because most likely banner ares are being sold to you impression basis (i.e. you pay them regardless of whether or not they are being clicked on.)

No clicks = no traffic to your site = no leads.

So the only one left to foot the bill is you, even if the banners are showing.



Remember that Verizon commercial where that annoying dude keeps saying “can you hear me now?”

Well, make sure your ads are being seen/heard by the RIGHT people.




TaeWoo is founder of Solar One Media, a solar lead generation company. With 10+ years of experience in internet marketing, web development, and online advertising, TaeWoo brings his expertise and pioneering spirit to solar lead generation.

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