Top 5 Reasons Why Lead Generation through SEO is Dead

Have you ever gotten an unsolicited from company out of nowhere like this:


I’ve noticed that you don’t rank #1 on Google for “solar panel installation california” even though your company provides solar panel installation service.

We at RIP-U-OFF can help you get your company’s website on 1st page of Google through our proprietary search engine optimization (SEO) methods.

Let me know if you’d be interested.


Every time one of our customers ask us if they should hire some SEO firm, I imagine this in my head:


Let me save you thousands.. if not TENS of thousands of dollars in management headache.

There is NO MAGIC to SEO.

It’s one thing and one thing alone… you need people LINKING to your site.

Voila! Now you can call yourself a certified “SEO specialist”.

These are why SEO is pretty much dead for lead generation.


1) SEO is REALLY hard when it comes to measuring the ROI

Solar One Media is a solar lead generation company.

How do we generate leads?

Simple – paid advertising.

How do our solar company customers measure the quality of the solar leads we deliver?

Simple . A formula:

Net Profit = Total solar sale – Cost of goods sold.

Marketing Cost = (# of solar leads) x (cost per solar lead)

ROI  = (Net Profit – Marketing Cost) / (Marketing Cost)



This is why lead generation is also called “performance marketing”, because lead generation companies are marketing YOUR company based on performance model.

We do our job making you money, then we get paid.


Very measurable.

If the leads are crap, the ROI will be low.

If the leads are good, the ROI will be good.

Simple math.


BUT with SEO…

How can you really measure the progress of your SEO firm unless your website is brand spanking new … and that the SEO firm is the ONLY people responsible for linking to your site?

It’s hard… you can’t really track like you can with paid traffic because when you post links to your website, you can’t put tracking… otherwise, your links will look funny.

SEO is NOT performance marketing.

Not measurable.


2) SEO is Dead

For keywords that have HIGH commercial intent (i.e. intent to buy), search engines are giving more room to paid advertising.


Simple: Because they can… because people are willing to bid on them.

Remember, search engines are a product/service provided by companies.. who have employees and shareholders.

They have to eat, put roof over their heads, and pay the mortgage… JUST like you.

And if people are willing to bid on these highly converting keywords (i.e. the chance of them turning into a paying customer), why SHOULDN’T they show these ads more than organic links?

Checkout this infographic:


3) SEO is slow as hell

For you to see ANY results, you’re gonna have to invest MONTHS in content creation, building links, reaching out to bloggers, blah blah.

Remember, the SEO firm gets paid by the hour.. not by performance.

See what I mean? SEO is NOT performance marketing.

They can guarantee X links.. but they can’t guarantee Y leads from those links.

(And if you’re an SEO firm who can guarantee this, contact me.. RIGHT NOW).


4) You’re at the mercy of search engines’ change

Just because a SEO strategy worked last year does NOT mean it’s going to work this year.

Remember, search engine is created & operated by PEOPLE… people who have ideas, wants, and needs.

And these people respond to what OTHERS are doing on the web.


Every couple of months (or years), search engines change the way they behave to the needs and trends of internet.

And every time it does, guess what..

You WILL get affected.

Majority of the time, not in the greatest way if your SEO firm is doing anything these search engines consider “shady”.

Don’t believe me?

Just search the term “google slap seo”.



5) Paid Traffic is Good Karma.

Ok, this is more of my personal opinion.

To me, SEO is like trying to do land-grab: get as much as you can get because the competition is fierce and there’s only so many #1 spots you can take.

In another words, you have to compete with THOUSANDS of other companies doing SEO for that top spot.

They’ll do anything it takes to be #1…

Is the search engine helping you in this race? No.


But if you PAY for traffic, you are telling the company that owns the search engine, “hey help me get to top and i’ll help you pay for some of your stuff.”

Yeah, people call it “buying traffic” but in karma language, it’s like exchange of good will, in the form of currency.

Helping one another so to speak.



TaeWoo is founder of Solar One Media, a solar lead generation company. With 10+ years of experience in internet marketing, web development, and online advertising, TaeWoo brings his expertise and pioneering spirit to solar lead generation.

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